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    Book: The Earth Most Strangest Man – By Mortimer Planno

    Greetings in the name of His Imperial Majesty….JAH RASTAFARI. It is with great pleasure and humility I share a great resource for ones to have in these times. This is our history as told to I and I by none other than the Great Brother Mortimer “Kumi” Planno.  This unpublished book was  written in 1969. Not only did I find the book but also the i-riginal handwritten book submitted by Brother Kumi. This is a must have in my opinion! Also have to give many thanks to the Comitas Institute for Anthropological Study for sharing this with the world.

    Download Book:

    Here is an excerpt of the Introduction written by Lambros Comitas:

    "Late in the summer of 1969, while visiting anthropology students in Jamaica, I tried to find Mortimo Planno, a Rastafarian who I had briefly met on an earlier field trip to the island…Planno proposed I write a book about Rastafari. This was a time when little published material existed about that movement and its followers. Although flattered, I turned this intriguing suggestion aside saying, quite truthfully, that my knowledge of the subject was superficial but that a book about Rastafari authored by a knowledgeable Rastafarian would make much more sense and would be a much more worthwhile contribution. So, ‘Brother Kumi, you write the book, you’re absolutely the right person’. He thought a moment and replied, ‘How do you write a book?’ A day later, after being given a school notebook containing many blank, blue-lined pages, he asked, ‘How do I know when it’s finished?’ Easy, came the glib answer, ‘When all the pages are filled!’ And, as memory holds, Mortimo Planno handed me The Earth Most Strangest Man: The Rastafarian all filled one hundred hand-written pages, just three weeks later”


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